Gadget voor de moderne mens: een rondeuse 1

Gadget voor de moderne mens: een rondeuse

Modern man is fully equipped. Any limitation of the human body or mind has been removed by technological miracles. You don’t know the way? Take the navigation with you! Need a quick answer to your question? Wikipedia! Quickly capture an event. Nothing mental image, but take the smartphone out of the pants or bag and take a quick snapshot.

We have the computer available for the most complicated tasks.

It is therefore striking that I have been going to the hairdresser for years, to have myself trimmed there, because there was no device for doing it myself. Hair clippers at two millimeters and fifteen minutes later, the ball is almost bare again, except for the already bare spots … It will probably be the stress of modern times. In the same quarter of an hour I am also forced to look at myself, to have uncomfortable conversations with a man I do not know, but who is very close to me, and to pay 20 euros for this top experience. For the same money I buy a day ticket for the Efteling at Albert Heijn!

The invention!

Fortunately, I recently came across an offer for a “Rondeuse”. It’s really just a clipper, but round. From Babyliss. They will not have received a budget for a nice name. However, the principle behind it all the more appealed: with the rounduse you could cut your own hair! No more hassle at the hairdresser, just turn that thing upside down and twenty minutes later you are done! And the edges around the ears and the hairs on the neck have also been thought of: a small hair clipper is included! So modern science had finally found something on those useless and tedious hairdressing visits.


The device has to charge for a total of sixteen (!) Hours, and is then suitable for twenty minutes of use. So exactly enough. After use, the device must be on the charger for another sixteen (!) Hours. I am beginning to understand why the hairdresser is so expensive. The rounduse teeth should be oiled in advance, and a small bottle is included for this. Okay, I’m good, so oil that thing. After that it is a matter of putting on, putting things on your head and turning around until you have seven lame arms.

The smart design ensures that most hairs remain in the device, so with a trash can next to the chair I had little trouble with waste. Saves hair from the bagless vacuum cleaner again. A happy person sat on the chair during the maiden cut! After twenty minutes I was tired of it, I got a headache from the shaking and the hard plastic pieces that slid over my head. But the indicated time was also over, so it should be good.

But then …

95% of my head was also good. The hair was off, more or less at the length I had set (three millimeters is unfortunately the shortest). And on average I was at three millimeters. Unfortunately I had got a kind of mat at the back of my neck: so the device cannot reach that. The thing does not come around the ears, so the hair stays there (er) for a long time. Finally, I discovered some other places with some longer hair. Fortunately, that was offset with spots where the hair was shorter than three millimeters.


A second attempt a few weeks later did not put me at ease: still different lengths, still a headache and still a friend who tried to get the hair around the ears and the hair in the neck to the same length with the emergency hair dryer. Tried, because I think the included clipper is one for the display case: a kind of show model. The thing does not take hair away, so chartered another clipper.



The rounduse is therefore especially suitable as a kind of preliminary work, so that you spend less time at the hairdresser. The rounduse removes the bulk and the hairdresser can update the areas around the ears, neck and the places that the rounduse has missed as a whole. That does not save costs at our hairdresser: he works with a fixed amount for a certain haircut, he calls it “trimming”. Updating a half self-done haircut is not in his package.

So science has failed miserably. Back to the stone age, back to the hairdresser for the monthly wicks, with unpleasant conversations.

Hi, I’m Martijn van Dijk. After more than eleven years of working at Efteling and four years of studying at Fontys Eindhoven, I will start as a Junior Tax Advisor from March 2013. In that work I can broaden my critical view and look for creative solutions for similarly creative problems. In addition, in my spare time I like to be active in acquiring knowledge and news, and I enjoy my vision of giving events to every willing ear. You can do that face to face, but just as easily digitally, via one liners on Twitter (@vissenindecom).

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  1. Dit is een verdomd handige blog. Ik was er bijna ingetrapt om zo’n ding te kopen maar de hier beschreven beperkingen hebben mij verstandiger doen besluiten. Rondeuse = big no no!

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