Emtec brengt Safari-dieren USB-sticks op de markt 1

Emtec brengt Safari-dieren USB-sticks op de markt

I have known the brand Emtec sedge and write only 2 years. From the beginning I have been a fan of the fun and easy-to-use products that the brand produces. For example, I had a media player that was nice and small and worked fine in itself and I have already discovered Emtec’s USB sticks for a while. Now a new series of USB sticks, ‘Safari’.

Emtec has already sold more than 4 million of the Animal series USB sticks worldwide. The Safari series is the fourth series to be added to the range and includes a Monkey, Lion, Elephant and Hippopotamus. The previous series were Zoo, Aquarium and Farm, with for example pandas, turtles, chickens and rabbits. They are made of a soft rubber material. A cap holder is included so that you do not lose the head when it is separated from the trunk (that sounds dirty).

I say: super cute, very original and very nice to give away. They are USB sticks that make you happy when you look at them, at least, I have that. They have a capacity of 4GB, are no larger than 50mm and come with a 5-year warranty. Emtec also has the cool Looney Tunes USB sticks.

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