RET doet hip met tablets van Samsung 1

RET doet hip met tablets van Samsung

If you live in / around Rotterdam, you will soon see all RET employees walking around with a tablet. That tablet is then the Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus and that should help travelers and employees. Hip right?


As the press release says:

The Rotterdam public transport company RET has 600 employees equipped with a Samsung tablet. Later this year, RET staff will use the Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus, among other things, to provide travelers with up-to-date travel information, sign up for their service and share damages via a special application. With photos and videos they take with the tablet, they provide direct insight into the damage. In this way, the damage can be repaired as quickly as possible.

In short: they can walk around with a cool gadget, take some photos and videos, and more of that. Now I have not yet checked whether they can also Twitter and Facebook with the device. That would be really hip.

Neither is there any mention of the theft of those crazy machines. Because those bastards in the metro in Rotterdam grab such a device from your hands, of course, that is just simple math.

Frouke Albers, spokesman for RET, says: ” The tablet fits exactly in the inner pocket of our company uniforms. In a special Samsung user training, colleagues learn how to use the tablet for their daily work. Moreover, it gives us a familiar feeling , which thanks to some security solutions, our business data is safe.

Theft would therefore not cause any problems for the RET, the data is safe.

But the spokesman says more: ” The reach at a number of underground metro stations is currently not optimal. Work is underway this summer.

You can safely say that it is not possible at most stations, so that seems to be something to look at anyway. It would decorate them in itself to immediately prepare the infrastructure for 3G for travelers. Can they also Twitter, Facebook, call, text etc. underground?

Anyway, if you spotted one, let me know! And sorry for the very happy, styled photos. They were there.

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