Review: Travelteq iPad case

So, it would seem like an Apple event in London is the perfect occasion to wrap a new iPad cover around my beautiful, and borrowed from work, iPad. So there I went, all hip and happening with my Travelteq iPad case .

It’s handmade and made of the nicest leather with a reddish soft suede-like inside which has the Travelteq logo engraved. With good purpose of course, because when you open up the cover and tilt your iPad into landscape position to put it on your lap with the cover supporting it, the logo is the first thing people will see when passing you by. And believe it or not, it got noticed. Not coincidentally, Apple launched a new cover with the iPad 2 that looks a whole lot like this one when in landscape mode. People started asking me if that was an iPad 2 that I was holding! I wish …

But now for the use of the cover, is it worth it’s fairly high price of 225 euros? Well, for the lifestyle part of it, yep! As I said, it got noticed. Even a staff member of the iPad demonstration team had to admit it looked fancy and beautifully finished. Also a journalist (female) gave some looks of admiration and maybe even jealousy. Totally worth it!

Fitting the cover

But let’s look at how the iPad fits into the cover and how the cover supports it in the use. Mwah, so that could be better. Shoving the iPad into the cover was difficult, lots of pushing and fiddling around. But hey, at least it feels like it won’t come out easy. Once you got it in, you don’t need to take it out anyway. One small remark though: the speakers at the bottom where covered, where they should be fitted right onto the openings in the leather. So let’s say the openings need some work. Not only for that by the way, but also because the leather is pretty thick and thus preventing us from being able to reach the buttons on the top and side in a nice and easy matter, especially when your fingers are kinda..bloathed. But it sure is protective!

Close to the finish

All in all I would say the cover is worth it’s price. Travelteq is aiming at consumers with money to spend, preferably with a nice lifestyle mindset. But they should pay attention to their finishing. I know it’s handmade and that’s part of the charm, but for this price you should expect somewhat better finishing. People with money want perfection, and this is close, but just not entirely there yet. If they are going to be making a cover for iPad 2, they should kick it up a notch. Then the Travelteq iPad (2) case would be a real gem.

Update nov 2011: just checked: they now have an iPad2-case

This review is written in English because I wanted to try grabbing some international audience, especially since the Travelteq case is available worldwide and wanted to let everybody know what I think about this case. In the future you may expect more reviews written in English where it’s useful.

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