Review: Teufel iTeufel Air

The iTeufel Air is a music streamer that works with Apple’s Airplay. Just as expensive as the previously discussed Raumfeld One, but very different in design and idea. Although the Air has been on the market for a while, it is still nice to discuss.



The iTeufel Air is a somewhat larger device than I expected. It does not differ much in size from the Raumfeld One, but is a bit higher, due to the silver piece underneath (at least, in the press release it is made of silver). The Air is less angular than the Raumfeld One and slants from the front to the rear. The back runs around it with rounded corners. Difficult to explain in text, but you can see it in the images in this article. On the front right, under the black fabric, a light shines where you can read the status. It is quite bright and large, it must be said. As far as I am concerned, this is also possible with a smaller light. On top are three buttons: on / off, and the volume buttons. On the back in a recess you will find the power connection, audio-out, reset and setup button.


How does it work?

The iTeufel Air does not have its own app to search and play music, as the Raumfeld One does. In order to use the AirPlay function, the Air must first be linked to your wireless network. The setup is quite simple if you have WPS on your router and this setup is well described in the manual. You do not need a special Apple router for this, the iTeufel Air also pairs well with other WiFi networks. You use the Air with apps that support AirPlay, such as the iOS-own Music app and also Spotify. You can also use it with iTunes on your computer. This has the disadvantage that you can only play music synced with iTunes.

The Raumfeld One can also index and play music from servers and computers within your network. That is why I like that the Air can also be used with Spotify. Then you still have access to a lot of music and playlists. You activate the playback on the Air by searching in the apps for the AirPlay icon and pressing it. Then you will see a list of devices that can play with AirPlay.


Well, there is little to be said about quality. The press release stated that you can easily fill a room of 25m2 with the iTeufel Air. Well, that’s pretty nice. With the volume at 20%, I already fill my living room with a lot of music and my living room is 30m2. If I set the volume to 50%, the neighbors can also enjoy three houses, I guess. The bass can be heard well, but does not dominate. In general, the balance in the high and low tones is quite nice. Now I can’t substantiate that with numbers, but my ear didn’t register annoying bits in most types of music.


Should you buy the iTeufel Air? If you have a lot of Apple products in your house and manage all your music through iTunes and like to listen to your own music through a device that produces really good quality sound, and you like a nice sleek design and you find 500 euros fine money for a bit quality, then this iTeufel Air is really something for you. I myself believe that my Sonos Play: 3 produces slightly less quality sound, but for my living room it is still more than enough and it is about 200 euros cheaper. In addition, the Sonos can also play music from your network in addition to Spotify, just like the Raumfeld One. If I had to choose a Teufel product, I would rather choose the Raumfeld One. In my experience you get more value for your money.



  • Sound well balanced
  • Beautiful design
  • Setup easy
  • Compatible with Spotify
  • Fills a lot of space with sound


  • Few functions for a lot of money

Convinced that the iTeufel Air is for you? You can buy it for 499.99 euros.

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